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The 30-minute roleplaying game

​Do you want to scratch your roleplaying itch but don't have the time to prepare?

Do you want to introdcuce new players to the concept of roleplaying?

Do you want to practice your roleplay or improvisation skill?

For all of the above, look no further than Role Quest. In Role Quest, players assume the role of ordinary and extraordinary fantasy characters, such as an Inkeeper or a Necromancer. They then secretly draw personality cards that give traits to their characters, such as selfish or greedy. This is followed by 60 seconds of one on one roleplay interaction, acting their character and personality within a predetermined scene and location. The others try to guess the hidden personalities and points are awarded accordingly. Player curses and actions make the game challenging but also hilarious.

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What's in the box

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What People Say about Role Quest


“Fun, scenario driven experience.” “An improv lover’s dream. It does a lot of cool things.”


“Fun is what this game is all about, […] it’s going to create some memorable moments.”


“A fast paced improvisation game that will provide you with twenty minutes of belly laughs.”

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“It’s a pretty solid, pretty light role-playing game for most people that like D&D; or just wanting to just jump in there softly.”


“Ιt's incredibly easy to get into”
“I really, really enjoyed it”


“I can now be a cowardly knight, down at the local tavern, debating with a patronizing wizard about who's got the swankiest outfit!”

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How to Play Role Quest

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Examples of Cards

Save with Role Quest Roleplayer's Bundle

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