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After London is a versatile adventure board game set in a steampunk alternative universe London. Players take on the roles of humans with extraordinary powers that race against each other or collaborate in a series of unique adventures against the game. After London, takes players through a journey in an electrifying comic book-based universe, lit by candlelight and powered by steam. Explore London, collect equipment, fight "roamers" and aliens or simply attack and sabotage each other. Humanity’s only hope to reveal the true story behind the "Arrival" lies with unlikely heroes. This is the story of London…

After London Diorama 01.png

Choose your Character

After London 01 Explore.png

Explore the Locations of London

Players use energy tokens to move around the 24 London locations on the game board

Complete Quests

Quests spawn randomly on the board and players attempt to complete them by following the instructions on the quest card

After London 02 Quests.png
After London Items.png

Find Extraordinary Items

Gain important items that help you change combat encounters in your favour, move in different ways and perform special actions.

Defeat Bosses, Complete Encounters

Quests can include completing an encounter, fighting a boss and moving to another location

After London 03 Encounters.png
After London 04 Fate.png

Change the fate of London

Each time a quest is completed, this influences which faction controls the Location as well as the reputation of the player. The player also collects a component from the time machine.

Outmanoeuvre other players in the unique Combat System

After London 05 Dice combat System.png

After London features a quick but deep combat system. First, each player openly rolls three dice. Then they place their dice in any order in secret. The dice are revealed and the combat is resolved.

To Win the Game:

After London 07 Area control.png
After London 06 Components.png

Gain the most reputation with either faction and help them control London.


Collect all 5 components required to activate the time machine and escape.

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