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A post-apocalyptic steampunk board game

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Shortly after the beginning of the first World War, the Earth suffered an alien invasion that brought humanity to its knees. This is a game set fourteen years later, in a city now lit by candlelight and powered by steam. The only hope lies with four heroes, destined to compete against the common enemy or perhaps each other.

This is the story of London…

After London

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A Box full of beautiful art and components

  • Board of London

  • 4 Character Figures

  • 4 Character Mats

  • 8 Dice (7 custom attack dice,  1 D8 Skill Die)

  • 1 Game Manual and Comic Book

  • 150+ Cards (Quest cards, Encounter cards, Reward cards, Location Cards, Boss Cards)

  • 100+ Tokens (Control Tokens, Reputation Tokens, Energy Tokens, Life tokens)

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Enter an electrifying steampunk setting in London

14 years after the great war, humanity is rebuilding itself in a new way, yet the city is still terrorised by monsters, controlled by gangs and suffers under alien occupation.

After London is a theme-rich game where you can expore the post-apocalyptic city of London and help or fight it's various inhabitants. You can travel in the 22 locations, complete over 40 quests and defeat over 100 different enemies.

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Read the INCLUDED comic book

The tale of After London and the Great War is told through a , fully illustrated comic book included in the game. The design team is also working on additional pages for the story of the missions.


Complete missions and save the world together

After London also contains a co-op campaign where the players complete a series of missions together, leading the rebellion against the occupation. The story leads them to find out the hidden truth behind the arrival and the great war.

The missions offer a very different gameplay with new objectives and winning conditions that are fully replayable.

Defeat your friends in epic combat

After London is as much about winning yourself as it is about obstructing the other players. You can use various cards and abilities to sabotage them or you can simply attack them. There are many ways to turn the tables in your favour.

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