Role Quest Card Game

Role Quest

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After London Board Game

After London

Under development, to release in 2021.

Role Quest is a social role playing card game set in a fantasy town. Players take the roles of every day characters and roleplay normal or peculiar situations. They must act their hidden personalities well in order to collect goblin heads (victory points) to win the game. Player curses and actions make the game challenging but also hilarious.

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After London is a versatile adventure board game set in a steampunk London. Players take on the roles of "compatible" humans with extraordinary powers that race against each other or collaborate in a series of unique adventures against the game. After London, takes players through a journey in an electrifying comic book-based universe, lit by candlelight and powered by steam. Humanity’s only hope to reveal the true story behind the "Arrival" lies with unlikely heroes. This is the story of London… After London

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